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25-5-2000, Hello to every one of you from me John.JRP.


Done in the memory of all the people I've known

and those I've yet to know in a way of saying a BIG

THANK YOU for being part of my life. God Bless You.

I will try to do this in the simplest way using what I know.

Can you PLEASE look at each page as if it was in a book

because every picture tells a story they say for example.

This website was designed by me to show that the Reuse Recycling of our rubbish can be of benefit to all the people of the world. I know how to Re-use Recycle millions of tonnes of waste plastic containers and wood in a way that I believe has never been done before. TRUE. I know how to HELP to FEED millions of people in a way that I believe has never been done before. TRUE.  My main aim is to help save lots of lives if I can, but in order for me to do this I need all your help to get my life saving ideas used now, and in the future as part of our Governments WORLD AID progamme, to help feed all the poor people living in the UK and in the rest of the WORLD if I can, in a Drought or Flood situation with help.

Please Note if you click on each photo it will become bigger or you can use zOOM on your computer. John.

All my ideas have been seen to work. I've done my bit it is all up to you now.  IT ALL STARTS FROM HERE.  

Thank you for visiting my web site if you want to know

more please e-mail me at.  [email protected]  or

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THANK YOU very much for reading my message. John.