Mottingham(Growing London) Community Garden

Photos 1-5 were taken on the 19-5-2012 showing that me and Bryn had built our first raised bed today. Photos 6-9 were taken on the 2-6-2012 before the people at the Mottingham Community Centre see us  with the tree that  Growing London bought tor uso to remember the Queens 60th Jubilee today, this was after us  being told that we would not be allowed to use the side area of the Community Centre because of the Health and Safety of the young children attending there, so we have got to remove the raised bed but we can still use the container area, and maybe my screen to grow things in, even though some one stolen the 5 bags of compost we were going to use to plant some seeds in, as part of the Jubilee today. Photo (10) was taken on the 27-6-2012 showing a sign that  I've made up to use now at the Mottingham Community Learning-Shop to help promote Growing London there now with the same group of people.

Even though i'm still involved with trying to get my 3Rs Plastic Container Gardening ideas used by the young children who do attened the Nursery, done with the help of the good staff that's looking after them.