My ColdharbourLibrary SE9 Presentation 8-6-2009

These Photos were taken on the 6-4-2009 showing our local Coldharbour Library in Eltham, London, SE9.

When I went to see what a lady called Rosemary had done for me in the way of a presentation to help spread the word about what I was doing in our Community and in others, and also helping to spread the word about what people need to know about our Greenwich waste Services to help reduce some of our waste going to landfill sites . This does proves to me it's good to talk to some one who's a doer in life not just a talker.

The photo (8) shows what one of our local blook of flats waste area look like when people have BIG wheelie Bins to use, which are emptied every week by our Greeenwich Council waste service to help keep it looking like it is with the help of a caretaker. Photo (9) shows the 3 wheelie bins to put our household waste into. Photo (10) was taken on the 8-6-2009 showing even though the Big wheelie bin was empted the 3 collection crew never bothered to clear the rest of the rubbish, why, when they all get well paid by us to do it as a service.