Job's system set up in another country 2010 ---11

Photos 1-3 were taken in January 2010 showing how Job and his helper set up their own bottle system in Costa Rica, at a place called  Mision Cristiana Palmas De Mamre Bienvenidos - and at  [email protected] in the USA to help spread the word. Photo (4) was sent to me on the 3-4-2010 showing  how Job is trying out another way of using 5 Gallon Milk containers to grow things in

with a result so far, as shown in photo (5) sent to me today the 24-5-2010 showing it's working very well for him done in his own way. Photos 6-9 were sent to me on the  6-11-2010 showing Jobs and his daughters way of growing things in the back garden using his fence, and his "A" frame design made from old pallets. Photo (10) is showing Job doing a presentation on the 4July 2011 at his USA ( Independence Day) parade.