I know it can be done? if we give it a try?

Hi ALL, may I put forward an IDEA  to you which I know can be done if we give it a try NOW.

And that is to Reuse Recycle as much waste as we can to help creat Community Gardens.

For example what  I would like to see is a system set up all over the UK where our local Council Waste Services offer to anybody who wants to set up a Community Garden where they live, an open invitation to arrange with the person in charge to have the chance to pick up any items they thought they could reuse again for FREE, to help keep down cost and to help reduce some of our waste going to landfill sites at the same time. This will then allow for what ever money there is to be spent on other things, such as plants and tools or lights benches or even a BBQ.  Please Note I've already put this idea forward to the people who sit on our Coldharbour / Avery Hill Neighbourhood Housing Panel on the 10-2-2010, and to some of our local Councillors being Cllr Hills and Cllr Glover and our local MP Cive Efford.

The main reason being I'm just about to be involved in another Community Garden Project on the Flowers estate in Abbey Wood SE2, where I've been invited to set up my very simple to make water recycling system to grow things in,as one of the members of our Greenwich Neighbourhood Pride Team of helpers.  

So please watch this space in the way of an update, I know it can be done if you give it a try.