How to make my 3Rs water recycling SYSTEM

Photo (1) is of 10 uncut 6 pinters and a flat lenght of wood to pass through the handle space. Photo (2) is of the 10 containers on their carrying beam with their bottoms cut around them to leave a flap type lid now on all of the containers, which are now upside down and resting on the caps which are now at the bottom when standing up. This applies to the 4 pints too. These you can also use as containers rows having others put inside them. For example 6pt or 4pt inside a 6pt or a 4pt inside a 4pt, you can also have different shaped clear 2 litre bottomless bottles to fit inside them, as shown in photod (7)(8). END Result. For example are. (1) a row of upside down cut milk containers with compost in made for simply growing something (2) a row of upside down cut milk containers with another upside down container inside that ,with compost in it to then grow something, which you can take out to empty at any time and reuse again and again, using the cap as a simple water controller. (3) a row of upside down base containers which can have 1 or 2 other upside down containers inside, One to act as a reservoir and the other to grow some thing in to then be taken out at anytime. (4) The container flaps are for scarring and protecting which can be folded back down to go inside another lowr container. (5) My VERTICAL growing system wrks in the same way as my surface system does with its own drip water recycling system built in by design, Which I do hope one day will become part of the WORLD AID programme.