Re-using vehicles to help the homeless.


May I put forward my own ideas on how I would help those who need a roof over their head, a place to live or just a dry place to sleep. Done by re-using failed M.O.T. vehicles. Nearly every where people need a place or a base to live, whilst millions of us are OK there are lots of people who aren't young and old, who face each day in a different way compared to most of us. With this in mind may I suggest a way that I believe would help many people for next to nothing, For example for those who need a permanent base of some kind who do have a problem what ever it is, but they still get money from some where, so they get by. I believe if you become a member of anything you feel involved, which gives you a reason to do things whether it's good or bad. Of course we can all turn our backs on other peoples problems, but we are the first to moan if the weather is to hot or to cold or raining, plus all the other aches and pains which we can't do anything about, but when it comes to simply giving someone a roof over their heads then we can, but we are talking about spending lots of money. NO?

My way would cost next to nothing if used, like most things I try to get others to use, but I'm a no body. Plus there are all types of people who are paid to solve these problems every day who go home to a base with a roof on it.

What I would like is for someone to designate a area,a space for lots of cars and vans or buses to be parked up which could be used as a base for someone to live in, with a very low electrical power supply system laid on, enough to supply a light or to charge a battery, to help keep any running cost down to those who may use my idea. Whilst a traveler's site caters for caravans and vehicles which move, and they usually have toilets and water laid on,I would like the designated area to have the same thing, with CCTV and wardens to watch over those who respect what's being don for them. These people would have their own key to their vehicle base, and a must agreement signed, which will give them a post number for their base. There should be no money involved in paying for this service once in place, as I'm sure it would cost a lot more to help the homeless in any other way, Plus the fact if the area was needed, all the vehicles could be scrapped to be recycled or moved to another place.

If you think about what a car alone can offer with the engine and gearbox taken out, you have that space for what ever with it filled in at the bottom, plus you have the petral tank taken out and the exhaust too, leaving you with just the hand brake, to keep the vehicle in place. Also with the two front seats turnd round and the steering wheel removed would give you a bigger area all round inside, the boot area can be got at from the inside or out, if it's a four door car even better for ventilation with wind up and down windows, which most older cars have, plus it's easyer to get in and out. With the help of hooks and eyes curtains can be fixed up to give some privacy. The wheels can have line post tied to them through the air flow spaces. The glove box can be used, like the ash trays, hand rails can be used, the back shelf and dash board top can be used too. With one of the front seats out could use that space for some sort of cooking area with the floor carpet removed of course. The front seat usually reclines enough to sleep in, the back seat can be used to sleep on, all the doors can be locked from the inside or outside. In the hot weather the 4 post line can have a sheet of some sort laid across the area to shade the car, or in the wet weather. Sleeping bags would be supplied along with a fire extinguisher, water would be supplied through a simple hose system from one main tap on site,hot water could be run through the cars heating system in the same way, all the vehicles could be linked up by using the same system, with the same space as you would have in a normal car park layout. I can't think of anything else I would need to make my car livable for 1 or 2 people or more, if I needed a roof over my head. This is just another idea I've had  on re-using stuff I thought I would like to share with people who are intersted in recycling. John . JRP.