My Sowing&Growing Rice stage(7) of 2 18-8-2009

Photos 1-5 were taken on the 4-8-2009 showing my Rice seedlings are ok. Photo (6) was taken on the

9-8-2009 showing some of my RICE  plant leaves are about 5 inches high now. Photos (7)(8)(9) were taken on the 12-8-2009 showing where I put my other RICE seedling on my allotment plot, but as you can see they are not doing very well compared to the ones you can see in photo 6, this I'm sure is due to not getting enough light where I put them at the back of my plot. But I will wait to see what Mother Nature does.

Photo (10) was taken on the 18-8-2009 showing how much my RICE has grown 6 days.