My way of Growing Rice stage(3) of 1 2008---2009

Photos(1)(2)(3) were taken on the 14-6-2009 showing that I now havw 2 RICE SEEDLINGS growing.  Photos (4)(5) were taken on the 15-6-2009 showing I now have 3 RICE SEEDLINGS growing just before we had some very heavy rainfall today it's the one in the top left of photo (4). Photo (7) was taken on the 21-6-2009 showing my very first seeding is not looking so good, but I have some more decideing to grow in the other containers, and I've just found a Rice growing website today telling about every thing that I need to know too.

Photo (8) was taken on the 30-6-2009 showing how much some of my Rice seedlings have grown but my very first seedling died because I pulled off its main first leaf by mistake. Photos 9-10 were taken on the 26-6-2009 showing my RICE is still growing in my first rows of containers which you can see on the next page.