My Sowing&Growing Rice stage (2) of 2 16-6-2009

Photos 1-6 were taken on the 15-6-2009 showing the very  first photos of my RICE SEEDLINGS GROWING just before we had some very heavy rainfall today, proving to me Mother Nature wants my seeds to give life.  This was witness by me and my youngest grandson and his older brother who's taking the photos of what has happened in such a short time today compared to my very first experiment of trying to grow RICE - 2008.

Photo (7) was taken on the 16-6-2009 at 7am (8) at 3pm (9)(10) at 7pm just before I took a photo of all our grandchildren witnessing my RICE growing so that they can tell others what I'm doing as they have seen it themselves today. Which I'm also going to tell the wold about as I hope it wll help to feed people in the future.