My 3Rs way of Growing Rice stage(2) 2008 - 2009

Good News these are my very first (5) photos taken on the 28-5-2009 which are showing a blade of RICE growing in my bottles sown on the 9-12-2008 with Mother Natures help. But by mistake I picked off about an inch of it before I realised it was not grass as I was clearing some small weeds which were growing at the same time in some of the containers.  I do hope to day by me pulling it out  to show every one does not kill it.

Photos (6)(7)(8) were taken on the 3-6-2009 showing I have a new blade on my Rice plant growing replacing the one I pulled off, plus I've added some water to it as if it was in a paddy-field. Photo (9) was taken on the 10-6-2009 showing I have another leave growing. Photo (10) was taken on the 14-6-2009 showing that I have another RICE seedling Growing in the front of my first one which shot over night to about 1 inch and half in that time, otherwise I would have seen it growing before as I check my containers alot every day without fail just in case a small snail or slug gets to one seedling which has now increast to now 2 over night which is great.