Growing Garlic in 2 litre bottles to eat or re-sow

These are some photos I took on the 5-3-2009 of my Garlic still growing, which were sown in 2 litre bottles on the 19-1-2008, done by me buying one large Garlic bulb from ASDA for about 25p, which I then took apart giving me  20 cloves to re-use, which I then put into bottles to see what happens if you don't take them out .

As you can see there's loads of them which are growing tops that look like spring onions, but there are not.

Photo (5) was taken on the 27-4-2009 shows some of my Parsnips growing below my Garlic sown about the same time last year. Photo (6) was taken on the 9-4-2010 showing my Garlic growing again this year.