How do I intend to help to save lives

Good points raised by those who want answer from me.

(1) How do I intend to help to save lives.

Every day at some time we are being asked to Re-use and Recycle to Reduce our waste in some way going into landfill sites in the UK and in the rest of the world by those who have a say in changing our world environment we all live in for the better, which I thought I would try and do on a small or a large scale to help to do my bit as the saying goes.

The end result with this in mind is for example I will try to help to solve the problem in the simplest of ways done by using my ideas as follows.

My patent is designed to indicate to others either as a warning device to help save lives or as a indicater to help save lives in a rescue situation on the land or at sea, but because I have no money I've had to put that on hold for now. This next idea I'm offering to the world is for FREE.

My re-use of waste plastic containers of all shapes & sizes and unwanted wooden pallet ideas came about because I have no money now to spend on my other inventions. So I decided to invent something that would cost me nothing to make and help save lives too, and to help to reduce some of our waste going into landfill sites in the UK and in the rest of the world if I can.  The end result is now my very simple to make transportable recycling system which was designed

by me to be carried from one place to another on a small scale or a large scale with different crops in using the built in water recycling system. Simply done by undoing or doing up the cap at the bottom of each upside down container to allow what rain water there is to go first into the top bottomless clear bottle with the compost in and crop in, to then drip into another container if not wanted. To then drip into another container to be re-used again when the weather is dry. This you can do until there is no more water left to use. Or you can use the same even number of base container for what ever else you can put inside a row of upside down cut plastic milk containers. For example on a length of wood that fits through any of the handle spaces to then be carried or tied up, or nailed up or just used on any flat surface including water.

Like some one said if something  can be moved a inch then it can be moved a mile on a small or a large scale.

For the past 8 years now I have grown my food to eat in the way I believe a poor person would use my simple to make transportable system. Done by re-using the same compost like I have over and over again which did prove to me you

can still grow something to eat by using my system.

My own allotment plot was designed to show to others what can be done on a larger scale in the UK. Of caurse if I did start up a small business making my pallet sections up for all those people who want to grow things but can't do any digging it would help me financially in the UK.  But in the third world I can see my ideas being used to help save poor peoples lives, as they already have the knowledge on how to grow things in their own way. But they don't have any control over what ever water there is. My system will give them that control so that they can help to feed them selves in the way that I have done it for the past 8 years with very little gardening knowledge my self. With this in mind I say.

If I can grow something to eat any one can young or old.

Especially in a drought situation where the land is dry and

in a flood situation when it can be made to float, and on land that's been contaminated by a flood.

What I would like is for my system to become part of the world aid programme to help reduce-re-use-recycle some of our waste to be of benefit instead of going into landfill sites to serve no more purpose in the UK and in the rest of the world.

I do hope this has answered some of your questions if not please e-mail me at  [email protected]  PLEASE

after you have seen the rest of my website. Thank you.