The Glyndon Estate Garden-Street Party 4-7-2009

These are the very first photos taken on the 17-6-2009 showing some of the Neighbourhood Pride Team of helpers, helping me to set up my growing system along one of the railings where on Saturday the 4-7-2009 there is going to be a very BIG STREET PARTY -ANN STREET near Walmer Terrace on the GLYDON estate SE18 from 2pm until 6pm. With lots of other fun things going on too to help make it a day for all the local people to remember of all ages. One of which I hope will be is all the people who live on the Glyndon Estate who have no garden but a low railing on their balcony,will use my growing system idea fixed in place so they to can have somewhere they can grow somethings without taking up to much space, and  reusing some of their waste containers to help reduce them going to landfill too. Our Team Leader is trying to start people off by me and others helping them to put the first 5 rows of 4 containers in their places and then let  residents carry on if they wont to filling them with some FREE compost and plants supplied by the Greenwich Council.