Abbeywood Garden Project (4) stage 7  25-3-2009

These are some more photos I took on the 25-3-2009 of me in the process of putting a lot of Pansies into the many 4 pint milk containers I had collected, most of them were from ASDAs because their handles are wider to allow for me to use any different thickness canes to go inside them, as you can see my car was full of bottles and the  plants and 2 bags of 125 litre multi compost. which we bought from B&Q at Eltham SE9. I did speak to the manager and some staff about why I was buying so much at one time, and they did offer to deliver it all for free all the way to our Community Garden at Abbey Wood, but it would havebeen to late for me to start things so they helped me load up my small motor car and away I went with it all inside.  I got to our project  about 11am and I left  about 4pm when I run out of my 2 litre bottomless bottles.

On the next  2 pages you will see what I managed to do in that time in-between some rain and strong winds.