Building on flood plains is just plain crazy.

Yes, we are building on flood plains to give people a roof over their heads, but at what cost if the water level rise suddenly like in America.

I think all the people involved in building the houses in the UK, in the normal way on flood plains are crazy. I believe every building by law built on a flood plain should be built with a lower section space for vehicles or storage only, to help raise the building up by at least 10 feet from the ground surface. This would mean for example every building with a pathway outside it now, would have the same thing but there would be another pathway above that in line with the front door of the building it was outside. This way would mean you would still have the lower ground area as a garden or a drive way or what ever, but if in the case of any flooding, the living area would be less likely to be damaged, and lose of life too. Yes this way would also mean using steps or a lift to go up or down to go to your vehicle or garden, but if it meant saving your life and property in a flood situation, then I think it's crazy not to build houses on a flood plain in any other way. Whilst the Thames barrier will stop high water, water wil still find it's own level, so it will back up until it finds lower ground, then it will come in behind them if we don't do something now to help our selves. If we don't build higher walkways or barriers all the way round our rivers and streams nature will win. Yes it would make the Thames narrower for example, but it would work, after all whilst the Thames has already been made to look better, now is the time to start doing something about stopping our country from drowning if we can. Other benefits to my ideas are most walkways could go over roadways, with the same street lighting to light up the road and both walkways at the same time if my idea was used, this would also make for cleaner walkways, of course there will be problems with a new way of living on a flood plain, but at least people would have the same chance to survive in a flood situation along with ever one else, and any business could have their deliveries made easier, plus in the case of a flood the stock could be replaced, and the business carry on. For all those people who are living on a flood plain, I wish you all a long and happy life. John JRP.