Flowers Estate Garden Project(7) St 1   28-4-2010

Photo (1) was taken on the 7-12-2009 after doing some bulb planting in the green behind the Carnation street Rd sign SE2. Photo (2) was taken on the 23-12-2009 showing where we put some bulbs which are now covered in snow. Photos (3)(4) were taken on the 27-1-2010 showing some of the Neighburhood Pride Team of helpers planting some more bulbs. Photo (5) was taken on the 24-3-2010 showing some of the Daffodil bulbs have flowered. Photos 6-7 were taken on the 7-4-2010 we are off, Plus Mr Paul Green at as also joined me in trying to spread the word about The Flowers Estate too.

Photo(8) was taken on the 28-4-2010 of the eara which I've spent some time trying to get up and running along with other people, but I found it was costing me to much in petrol money to go there every week, so I  decided to stop going, even though it was a Community garden project , which I still hope will be set up.