Eltham Wide Horizons3R's W P C G 2016-1-6-2017

Photos (1) was taken on the 14-12-2016 show how things look. Photos 2-5 are taken 4-5-2017 show lots of plants given to me by my FRIENDS at B&Q to share out at my 3R's Waste Plastic Container Gardening projects. Photo (6) was taken on the 11-5-2017 show some more plants B&Q gave to me to SHARE. Photo (7) was taken on the 18-5-2017 show some more. Photos 8-9 were taken on the 25-5-2017 show what plants my friends at B&Q gave me today. Photo (10) was taken on the 1-6-2017 show alot more plants given to me to SHARE out.


Today 1-6-2018. I have some SAD NEWS to SHARE, my website has got NO MORE ROOM for any more photos to go on it. SO TODAY THE 1-6-2018 I will no more have my @3R's Waste Plastic Container Gardening ideas set up at my local Wide Horizons Environment Learningg Centre at ELTHAM SE9 WHY? because of one thing and another, so to every one who knows me,  I say EXAMPLE isn't another way to teach, it IS the way to teach, from me John.JRP.

May YOU and yours and what YOU grow live long and HAPPY. From me John.JRP.