ElthamEnvironmentalCurriculum project 9-2-2012

Photos 1-10 were taken on the 9-2-2012 showing the day I went to see Claire, Tracy, Alex, to promote my very simple to make 3Rs plastic container gardening ideas to them on a very cold day at our local Eltham,  Environmental Curriculum Service Centre, which is run by Wide Horizons team of helpers. Photo (1) (2) shows the main entrance sign leading to the main office.  Photo  3-6 shows  my simple presentation for them, to see what you can do with so many waste plastic container to grow things in. Photo 7-10 shows the entrance board and what you see leading to the area Clair said I could use. This I hope will then become the main place for all the people in the world to come and visit at some time, to see what one man can do to help feed so many for next to nothing, using what water there is.