ElthamEnvironmentCurriculum.Project 2014(58)

Photo (1) was taken on the 13-8-2014 showing how things look after having some more RAIN and SUN. Photos 2-3 were taken on the 27-8-2014 show how my LETTUCE seedlings are trying to grow under the tree. Photos 4-8 were taken on the 17-9-2014 showing where I put some of the plants my NEW FRIENDS at TESCO's at Ruxley gave me to share out to all my  C G projects, instead of them all going to landfill, and to help me spread the word about my 3R's Waste Plastic Container Gardening ideas at the same time,  I say a BIG Thank you and to your management who are only to happy to help me if they can NOW and in the future.. Photos 9-10 were taken on the 24-9-2014 showing where I put some more plants and whats left.