ElthamEnvironmentalCurriculum Project 2013(34)

Photo (1) was taken on the 29-5-2013 showing how things look after me adding container to my very simple to make 3Rs Wheelchair Container Gardening system set up beside my main display area. Photos 2-7 were taken on the 5-6-2013 showing how things look as you walk down the pathway leading to my main display of my 3Rs systems working now on my Wheelchair gardening set up. Plus I was given today for FREE (4) bags of compost by the management of our local B&Q at Eltham SE9.

Photos 8-10 were taken on the 19-6-2013 showing how things look just before I've added some Cabbage and Colliflower seeding to my 3Rs display. Which I'm doing because of the OPEN day this week end 22-6-2013.