ElthamEnvironmentalCurriculum project22-2-2012

Photos 1-6 were taken on the 9-2-2012 showing the rear view of the area I'm setting my 3Rs project up in. Photo (4) shows where the main entrance is for visiting people to come in to see what going on. Photo (5) shows where Chickens and other animals are kept just like on a farm. Photo (6) is where all the very young children come along to enjoy whats going on, and they leave with a big smile on their face like I did today. Photos 8-10 were taken on the 22-2-2012 Showing that I've now started to put in place some of my Vertical containers to see what they will look like, before I ask the team to get the children to paint the onese I intend to use later, this I'm sure will add that little something extra to what looks like a very BIG Bracelet  going around the tree trunk, held in place by one length of string tied round all the top handles.