ElthamEnvironmentalCurriculum project 8-8-2012

Photos (1)(2) were taken on the 25-7-2012 showing I've added (6) Cabbages now to the bottom row plus I've moved some of the Colliflower seedling from the inside containers so they get more light, plus I've put back inside again two rows of Lettuces which were eaten by slugs and snails last week Photos 3-7 were taken on the 1-8-2012 showing I made up a dislay table with some of my cut containers on laid out , and showing the smallist (3) standing system which can be carried about.

And I added some more Lettuses to the row with the Strawberries plants in leaving (8) more to use.

Photos 8-10 were taken on the 8-8-2012 showing I've added 24 London Time old plants to my idea.