Photos(1)(2) were taken on the 11-7-2012 showing that I've added lengths of wood to go next to the cap end, so that they help to support the container from leaning forward over a long period of time. Photos 3-9 were taken on the 18-7-2012 showing I've put some more info signs up to show how I make my 3Rs water recycling system up to give a clearer picture for all to see, when they visit now. Plus I've had to replace both rows of Lettuces which have beeen eaten by the slugs and snails now, with some Carrots, Leeks, and Cerly kale, which I've put some mini slug pellets in to help stop this.

Photo (10) was taken on the 25-7-2012 showing that I've just added (16) Strawberry plants to my top row which I bought for 15p each from Homebase at Orpington. Plus I bought some other plants too.