Photos 1-4 were taken on the 13-6-2012 showing I've put some more plants in my containers and I've put in place some of my container section on the surface inside, to show how the ones on the beams can look side by side, and I've made up a cane trellis section to show how my beam containers can be used to grow things vertically. Photos 5-10 were taken on the 16-6-2012 showing people looking at my 3Rs Plastic Container Gardening water recycling growing systems today, at the Eltham Environmental Curriculum Service Centre open day, where over 500 people did enjoyed walking around seeing what there was to find out about, in regards to lots of young children enjoying themselves as if they were out in the countryside in more ways than one.. Today I took lots of different Mints with me to put into my containers so the  people could smell them, and I spent the day putting some different seeds into the bottom parts of lots of 2Ltre bottles so the children could see what Mother Nature would grow for them.