Photos 1-4 were taken on the 9-5-2012 showing where I've added some more containers to the inside area of my project, and I've aranged for the Red caps tobe going down the sides and the Green caps to go in-between them, plus I've added some more plants to the outside with more to come in the future, Photos 5-8 were taken on the 16-5-2012 showing I've added (30) Cliflower seedling to my project and (16) more plants to the the front left side, and I've also added some lettuce seedling to the inside area containers, plus (4) Herbs to the front right side. plus I did some dead heading to encourage more.

Photos (9) (10) were taken on the 23-5-2012 showing I've now added some more plants to the outside containers with alot more to come next week