Sowing seed in different waste 3Rs CONTAINERS

Photos 1-5 show (12) of my small seed sowing containers in a green tray used for putting fruit and veg in, these are made up of just the round part of the top of a 2 litre bottle, cut off , your left with about a quarter of a inch to go inside the bottom of the 2 litre bottle which you also cut around the mould line. which you put your moulti-perpose compost and seeds in. Photo (6)(7) is of take away meal container with some SWEETCORN seeds in. Photo (8) is of (10) 6pt containers being used. Photo (9) is a row of (10) 4 pinters being used. Photo (10) shows rows of 6pt & 4pt interlocked to make up my 3Rs system.

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