My 3Rs CTRA Fete & Funday 5-6-2010---30-7-2011

Photos 1-5 were taken on the 5-6-2010 at our Coldharbour Community hall on a reallyy nice sunny day. When I spent most of the day showing people of all ages how I put my seedlings in to my containers. Photos 5-!0 were taken on the 30-7-2011 showing where I set thing up at our third CTRA FunDay which was very sunny with a cool breeze blowing, enough to blow over my umbrella and I ended up hurt my back again, never mind I met lots of people who did like my 3Rs Plastic Container Gardening ideas, including our NEW Mayor and some Councilors who also said they word help to spread the word, not like OXFAM and the DFID who removed my posting from their FaceBook wall, Why,  I'm only trying to help feed millions of people too.