What a crazy world we live in when the charity shops refuse things,because they can't sell it even though it was given to them for free. I think it's because it's such a big business now invoving so many people whether they are paid or not, with the end result being that they must make a profit to make it pay for what was once a good idea. Whilst lots of people all over the world used to throw things away and the dustman made money themselves. Now things have changed to the point of if it's not worth selling at a bootfair or on ebay then you might as well put it into our dustbins system to be sorted out by those who have to do something with it on our behalf. IF some thing is not a bargin to some one then it won't sell in a charity shop, which is clearly the case with so much being turned away. What all charity shops really want us to do is to give them money, which involves not a lot of handleing, plus there is no name on money, so whether it goes to the people it was intended to help or to people who are getting it because they are part of the system no one will ever know, until someone does a under cover programme, which will more than likely show just how many people are making a good living out of being involved in a charity, which is a shame,because so many people want to help others in some way, which most charities represent as a good cause to those who need money to help other people all over the world. When you hear about money going into peoples pockets or buying guns, then I'm beginning to understand why I can't get anyone to champion my cause of trying to save millions of lives for next to nothing and help to reduce some of our waste going into landfill sites too, because there is no money involed in doing so, even though it could be a case of life or death for some one who needs help. That's why I'm offering my life saving idea for FREE  to help the poor. which I have offered to many charities too, without any success. John JRP.