I Challenge any gardener to make my simple transportable container system to grow something in from seed to then leave it in until it's time to be eaten. Done by for example re-using 4 or more ASDA 6 pint milk containers cut round the bottom to leave a flap on the handleside of each base container or 4 or more ASDA 4 pint milk containers can also do the same job. When they are all upside down with a length of flat wood put through the handle space to form a row of 4 or more containers facing away from each other so that they can self stand. Into them you can put the same size container or a clear bottomless 2 litre bottle inside that to then fill with compost or soil, leaving a space for it to have another 2 litre bottomless bottle put on top to help protect any young seedlings. It will also help to save lose of water with the cap undone a bit. By undoing and doing up each cap on each container you are in full control of what ever water there is. If you are growing beans or peas you can use the hole in each handle for your canes. To stop falling over in strong wind trap the carrying arms which are sticking out from each row of your containers. Which can also be carried by making a space in the middle of any of your even amounts of containers.

If you start to day then you too will see if my system works for you or not in a simple way? Thank You ALL please give it a go.