ALL my Allotment PLOT CHANGES 2014 (5)

Photos1-5 were taken on the 28-2-2014 showing how things look after the allotment plot holder behind my plot desided to relay pathing slabs under my pallets, which have been in place for over 10 years now indicating my boundry line, along the edge of his once already layed path way before I arrived. Photos 6-7 were taken on the 5-3-2014 showing where I've re-lined my back row of pallets, and I've fix back in place a pallet section at the front of my plot, I think blown down by the wind. Photos 8-9 were taken on the 17-3-2014 showing where I've started to repair the right hand side corner pallet section at the back of my plot. Photo 10 was taken on the 24-3-2014 showing where I've started to clear some old pallets.