Photo (1) was taken on the 30-9-2013 showing that I've cleard another pallet section and replaced it with another pallet on the righthand side near the front. Photo 2 was taken on the 2-10-2013 showing the bage of old containers have been cleard too. Photos 3-6 were taken on the 10 and 12-2-2014 showing how things look after having so much RAIN fall for so long , that I've done nothing but take these photos to show you, and as my last photos does show the photo that I took when I fell over and hurt my self doing so on the 10th, which was my own fault. Photos 7-10 were taken on the the 21-2-2014 showing how things look after having some very strong winds, and where SID the allotment holder behind me is doing things that he should not do to my plot.