My ALLOTMENT-PLOT CHANGES in 2008 ---- 2013

Hi, all my allotment plot changes are to show you that you can grow things on most flat surfaces.  Photos 1-5  show some very large white wooden panels laid down using the same area I had my pallet section on, with the same amount of containers on it, plus now I've got 20 more to use, using  just one sheet of 8x4 plywood,  plus I've used one end area to grow some RHUBARB in 4 large water carrying containers on a carrying beam. Photo (6) shows rows of containers now on the lefthand side of my plot which now have no container above them, like they are now on my sheet of plywood. Photo (7) to (10) were taken on the 2-1-2013  Shows the lefthand side of my allotment plot walk way. Photo (8) is of the lefthand side looking from the back towards the building. Photo (9) is of the middle front area.  Photo (10) is of  the righthand side from the front.  the last  4 photos were taken after having very strong winds which had blown some of my sides down, which I will make look better when I can.