F-E AlexanderMcleod School 13-3-2010-1-8-2010

Photos 1- 5  were taken on the 13-3-2010 when I did my 3Rs presentation at  Alexander Mcleod School about  the way I reuse waste to grow things in, to a lot of people young and old who were having a good time, with lots of other things going on too from 12am  until 4-30pm,  to help bring the Community together who are living on the Flowers Estate SE2. Photos 6-10 were take on the 1-8-2010 showing where my friend Paul Green of Avant Gardening is also now doing his own way of presenting his way of growing things, to also help incourage the people who are living on the Flowers Estate to grow their own, the only difference, he's being funded and I'm not at this moment in time.